Our Approach

We approach every project as a unique piece of work. We work with you to understand your strategic initiatives, objectives and challenges. We develop an understanding of your business and, through it, focus on uncovering relevant intelligence and insights from unstructured data in the digital and social media space.

Our typical engagement involves:
The Process 5W Consulting uses for typical projects.

The process 5W Consulting uses for typical projects

Here are some examples of our work with clients:


  • A business’ core market is slowing down and is looking for opportunities to grow the business. Our work focuses on one or more areas such as uncovering market and industry  trends, providing competitive intelligence, identifying and segmenting online communities, or uncovering new and niche markets to derive new business growth from.

  • A business is interested in acquiring a company or expanding into a new market. Our work supports identifying potential issues relating to political environment and regulation, suppliers, customer service, competitor initiatives, legal cases, etc.

  • A business wants to update or introduce a new product or service. Our work  uncovers insights from reported experiences with products of interest, behaviours and habits, and attitudes toward technologies or topics.

  • A regulator wants to stay on top of possible fraud or breach cases emerging within a regulated industry, in order to preempt wider problems. Our work supports investigations and reports on common or developing issues.

  • A political party, governmental or non-governmental organisation wants to prioritise  and adapt its initiatives based on public opinion and shifts in public sentiment. Our work provides insights into public opinion on specific topics of interest.


In these cases and many more, 5W Consulting will be your partner and guide, helping you plot a course through the maze of online data to make more informed decisions for your business.